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Lithium or Magnesium: Which Type of Batteries Are Better for Your Project

If you are designing something and you need to install a battery into it, you have several choices including batteries with magnesium anodes and batteries with lithium anodes. Wondering which might be better for your prototype? Take a look at these considerations: 1. Magnesium is less expensive. If you opt to use a battery with […]

3 Important Considerations for Choosing Live Messaging Services

In most types of commercial operations, a good messaging system is essential in handling consumer responses such as enquiries, complaints and general comments. Unfortunately, the resources required to set up this type of communication structure are extensive. This is because you will need to purchase equipment and pay a professional to handle the system. Therefore, […]

Troubleshooting your bladder pressure tank

Bladder pressure tanks are common water tanks for commercial use, and they are a part of many homes throughout the world. A bladder pressure tank combines pressurised air and water in order to get the pump to distribute the water in the pipes. Your bladder pressure tank is an essential part to make sure everything […]

Finding a new salesperson for your small business

Sales are the lifeblood of any small business, so it be extremely disheartening when an experienced salesperson leaves your business. Here are ways to get someone to fill the role as soon as possible so that you don’t lose business.  Promote internally One of the important things salesperson develops over time is relationships with customers […]